In the Void: Photoshop cs6 tutorial for alien skin text effects.

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alien skin photoshop text effects tutorial

Alien Skin seamless Photoshop background texture pack.

This tutorial will show you how to use my Alien Skin Photoshop seamless texture pack to do some great looking text effects with Photoshop.

You can download the entire set of 50 seamless textures pack by clicking HERE.

For the Photoshop tutorial, I will be providing one of my 50 - 600 x 600 pixel seamless background tiles from The Void free for learning purposes.

alien skin dna free sample photoshop texture

More FREE Photoshop seamless textures can be found HERE.


Right click and save the above image in a folder you will be able to easily locate.

In Photoshop open the Alien Skin sample in the above image. Choose select all, then go to edit and define pattern.

A new window will open with pattern name. You can keep this the same or name it anything you like then click ok.

You can close this image now since the pattern has been defined and will remain in Photoshop memory.

Next thing you will need to do is create a new document. I size mine around 800 x 600 to give me plenty of room and then shrink the text down to what ever size is needed. Doing the text larger gives you more room to do extra effects which make for a nicer overall image.

photoshop tutorial using alien skin.

Any font will work but I am using Unreal Tournament font for this demonstration. Create white text on a new layer over a black background like the image above. The larger the better. You can change the background color later.

Hole the Ctrl button and click on the "T" in the text layer.

text select in photoshop layers panel

This will select the text you just applied.

Go to select - modify - and contract.

Contract by 2 and select ok. This will shrink the selection down by two pixels.

Create a new layer above the white text, with the selection still active.

Go to Edit and then Fill and a new window will open.

photoshop fill settings for alien skin text effects

Under the contents Use: click the arrow and change Forground color to Pattern then select the Alien Skin Image and ok.

new photoshop settings

alien skin photo shop

Your image should look similar to the one above only with your font. A thick font is recomended when doing text effects this way.

You will notice that the area is filled but still selected. That is what we want right now.

Create a new layer above the fill layer with selection still made.

Now, go to edit and do a black stroke to make the Alien Skin texture effect stand out a little more.

Thats all you need to do to make great looking text effects with the Alien Skin texture package. You can always do more like applying drop shadows etc. but for this tutorial we will call the image complete.

alien dna  photoshop text effect

I"ve went ahead on my own and did a few other steps to dress my photoshop text effect up.

The image below is a completed header banner I plan on using for one of my webpages. Thanks for visiting my Alien Skin Photoshop cs6 text effect tutorial.

View the whole Alien Skin seamless texture set on my blog site my clicking HERE.

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completed alien skin web header image.

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